Designer Art
Anita Whitney

About Anita Whitney

I have been carving lucite since 1970, making jewelry since 1987, and painting in acrylics for only the past three years.  I might flash you a painting every once in awhile, but for now, let's concentrate on the jewelry.

My first knowledge of gemstones came to me when I sat on my grandmother's lap at the age of three. She had rings of diamonds and rubies, diamonds and sapphires, diamonds and emeralds, and diamonds and diamonds.  She wore many of them together, on one hand.  The colors and the sparkle were hypnotic.  At my grandmother's, my bedroom ceiling at night was a panorama of jewels, forming and reforming constellations.

I bring you my humble recreations of some of these incredible formations. The metals I use are sterling silver, 18k gold and platinum when requested.  My stones are all natural gemstones, primarily beads.

Like any artist, my designs are influenced by my environment.  Within the Silver Grouper, you will encounter the coral reefs in diving waters around the Lower Keys of Florida.  You will also sense the haunted quality of the fields and forests in Central Virginia, near Charlottesville.  Pause a moment to catch your breath, and Welcome to The Silver Grouper!